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#16422: Her relax I was going to
 Reporter:  johnrtmercado  |      Owner:  EionRobb
     Type:  defect         |     Status:  new
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 Her relax I was going to move on tithe next one arm circles the buck Ickes
 and a march go ahead and get ready can be denser with those buggers first
 get those arms up nice and high too nice big circle pushing forward
 remember you are about six to 12 inches in diameter nice and slow keep
 those feet the sometime bringing she looks that but salting back
 [http://www.slimbodycleansingfacts.co.uk/ Ultra Ketone System] and forth
 every single time just about five seconds left sure those arm circles then
 switch their butt kicker to a hinny March drivers news up as high as
 possible every single time altering back and forth as well as keep knows
 arms nice and big nice big circle 6 to 12 inches apart just about five
 seconds left and later relaxers move on to the next one the lines with the
 lateral raise go ahead and get ready you begin doing that rear lounge the
 reverse lines as well as during.
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