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#16424: Refined sugar has no fiber
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 Refined sugar has no fiber either cut all fibers been squeezed all about
 and the vegetable oil has no let's fire it a going out to do so the
 refined sugar in the virtual or both empty calories is rule number two
 man-made don't need it because fat sugar and small makes the food
 tastebetter than a Dios so you leave more votes than you should and the
 prophets  will be higher than undeserved this is a brother to recall
 [http://www.slimbodycleansingfacts.co.uk/ Ultra Ketone System] FDA-
 approved label and as you're going to be yet anything that was made by the
 food biz make sure you know rotary the foodlabels because those words for
 him what does I’ll stay up it shows on the outside but its altarfat-free
 no flat marjoram but if you look up your in the nutritional law is section
 that servicers five calories on a serving whatever serving aims to be and
 all five calories come from felt so.
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