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#604: Some characters appear as boxes with numbers in them
 Reporter:  PSyMastR              |       Owner:  datallah
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Comment (by Med):

 Hello there everyone

 Replying to thezest
 > The following is my solution to display Chinese characters (conversation
 window, incoming/outgoing messages, buddy status, buddy list, etc.) on my
 Windows XP:
 > Go to Pidgin -> Preferences -> Converstations, choose a Conversation
 font which supports your character. In my case, it is Tahoma.
 > Right-click on the Windows desktop area, choose Properties, then click
 on the Appearance tab, and Advanced button.
 > Under the Item dropdown list, change all the items that support Font to
 the one defined in Pidgin. In my case it is Tahoma.
 > Apply the settings and look at your Pidgin window, it should take effect

 The latter part of this works! All you have to do is edit the 'Message
 Box' dropdown option (it's not necessary to edit every one that has a font
 option) from Microsoft Sans Serif (default) to any font that shows your
 characters. I tried two different fonts: MS Unicode & MS Sans Serif and
 picked the one I liked better (which was MS Sans Serif as the text on
 Firefox tabs became much less readable when using MS Unicode)

 '''Note: It is not necessary to match fonts in both Pidgin and Windows
 Appearance settings'''

 Initially I did not follow the Pidgin Preferences change as per step 1 in
 thezest's post above and that's how I ascertained it wasn't necessary to
 match fonts. After successfully implementing the change to the Windows
 Appearance settings, I went back and changed Pidgin's settings and
 concluded the following;

 '''* The Windows Appearance settings only affect the Buddy List display'''

 '''* The Pidgin Preferences settings only affect text in chat windows'''

 As for the reason I experienced this in the first place, I think it was
 because I had to do a complete OS restoration from a backup from a couple
 of years ago. There were old Pidgin install files after the backup was
 restored and it must've messed something up when I updated. I tried to
 reinstall Pidgin (2.10.9) but it made no difference, however I did not try
 uninstalling Pidgin first, cleaning up and then reinstalling.

 I have no problems displaying Asian languages on my English install of XP
 and only found this problem with Pidgin.

 Hope this helps.

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