[Pidgin] #16343: Believe password-required chat is causing pidgin to disconnect

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#16343: Believe password-required chat is causing pidgin to disconnect
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 Hi -- I recently was told of a chat room at work which I was encouraged to
 join. This chat requires a password. It is set to auto-join and persistent
 in the settings.

 When I start Pidgin, it connects and I can see my buddies -- for the last
 couple of weeks (since I joined the password chat) an error has appeared
 about being unable to join that chat, I could click OK and all is fine.

 Now, however, the error message doesn't pop up. After connecting, within a
 couple of seconds I see a message 'server has closed the connection' --
 then it reconnects and server closes again.

 This has rendered Pidgin unusable.

 I think if I could find a way to drop out of that chat all would be well
 -- but the darn thing won't stay connected long enough to let me change


 Many thanks in advance
 james.spaith at oracle.com

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