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 Information about hair transplant...
 Several thousands of mostly men have not accepted their increases with
 age, hair loss and therefore opted for a hair transplant. With very
 different outcomes. "Not every doctor, hair transplants, this has also
 explicitly learned," says Dr. med. Gary Weiand, a surgeon and head of the
 department hair transplants at Mang Medical One. Repeatedly speaks of the
 hair expert with new patients, which, with the result have their hair
 transplant dissatisfied and would like a correction.
 After his time as a senior physician in Hamburg he decided about five
 years ago to specialize only in reconstructive surgery by hair transplant
 with natural hair. The required training took place at the prestigious
 Transmed clinic. "People who communicate directly face to face, look at
 typically in the eyes. A new, beautiful hair line gives the face of the
 subject standing with formerly high forehead again the requisite scope and
 therefore more expressive. The eye is no longer drawn on the high end, but
 dwells on the striking features - often see people after a hair transplant
 well-made attractive and to years younger, "Weiand said the special
 importance of hairline Since hair transplantation so should not look
 recognizable. , the hairline, the perceived by everyone, although it is
 not the same analyzes, a high importance. "My goal is the natural looking
 hairline, the right direction of growth, in particular but also defined
 and subtle distribution of different Follicular units, years of experience
 required - only in this way can be a natural transition zone from the
 hairless forehead are created in the head of hair in, "says the doctor.
 For more information about how to prevent hairloss visit: [http://www.har-

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