[Pidgin] #15653: Support XEP-0313 aka MAM (Message Archive Mgmt)

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Sun Aug 16 13:41:54 EDT 2015

#15653: Support XEP-0313 aka MAM (Message Archive Mgmt)
 Reporter:  krieger                 |       Owner:  deryni
     Type:  patch                   |      Status:  new
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 Keywords:  xmpp, xep-0313, mam     |

Comment (by CkNoSFeRaTU):

 Replying to [comment:22 pztrn]:
 > I'm using trunk now. I have "MAM Requesting" message in Pidgin logs, and
 "Archive query nil is completed" in Prosody logs. And have two questions:
 > 1. Why nil? When Gajim asks for logs, queries have IDs.
 queryid is the optional parameter. As mentioned above patch have only
 basic mam functionality (it currently only requests missing messages since
 last connection and then on receiving messages through xep-0280 during
 that connection) there are no use of queryid now.

 > 2. How to access synced history? Or how to sync history?
 Currently it requests messages on connection to server from time of last
 received message or time of activation mam support option in pidgin. If
 you want request once previous history you can:
  1) exit pidgin.[[BR]]
  2) open accounts.xml (on *nix it is in ~/.purple/accounts.xml)[[BR]]
  3) find your account and associated parameter "mam_laststamp" and set it
 to any time in unixtime format from which you want to receive
  4) open pidgin and connect to server.[[BR]]

 Also prosody implemeted xep-0313 v2 back then which is obsoleted. Dunno if
 currently something changes at this front. As initial patch required
 xep-0313 v3 the were some quirks which were fixed in repo. At least mase76
 had no problems with it.
 Currently there are already xep-0313 v4 specification in the wild and I
 dunno if patch is compatible with it as I don't have time to read the

 I have test build which supports history scrollback fetch (like
 conversations) and some integration with pidgin history as it now use
 sqlite storage, but it need some more work and I rarely have any spare

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