[Pidgin] #16747: History plugin shows smileys in timestamp

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Fri Aug 21 18:59:49 EDT 2015

#16747: History plugin shows smileys in timestamp
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  Version:  2.10.11             |  Resolution:
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Comment (by mmcco):

 No. `options` is declared at the top:

 GtkIMHtmlOptions options = GTK_IMHTML_NO_COLOURS;

 Unless I'm missing something major, my diff pretty clearly only appends
 the header. The `g_strdup_printf()` call shows that it's just that line.
 The body is rendered afterward:

 gtk_imhtml_append_text(GTK_IMHTML(gtkconv->imhtml), history, options);

 gtk_imhtml_append_text(GTK_IMHTML(gtkconv->imhtml), "<hr>", options);

 On a separate note, I don't actually think that this is a problem for
 Pidgin 3. I've never noticed it myself. That said, 3.0's History plugin
 has bigger issues at the moment...

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