[Pidgin] #16532: gtalk (XMPP) message read status not sync between Pidgin and Hangouts

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#16532: gtalk (XMPP) message read status not sync between Pidgin and Hangouts
 Reporter:  rouen_sk  |       Owner:  darkrain42
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  Version:  2.10.11   |  Resolution:
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Comment (by Fausto_Lioncourt):

 Replying to [ticket:16532 rouen_sk]:
 > When I use the same gtalk (hangouts) account on my phone and on desktop
 with pidgin, there seems to be bad sync about read status of messages.
 Typical scenario: somebody write me message, I dont read it right that
 moments, so notification arrives on my phone. Then I read it with pidgin
 (an answer even), but notification on my phone wont disappear. So later
 when I chcek my phone, there are notifications about messages I read hours
 ago and are not relevant anymore. I think this is pidgin fault (not
 reporting read status to server correctly or something), because when I
 open message in google+ website, notification on phone immediately
 disappear, so this functionality IS implemented in protocol and android
 client obviously.

 I just checked out this, and what I did trying to reproduce it was this:
 Got a message on gtalk, so I got the notification, then I saw it on the
 chat provided by gmail, and the notification on my phone took like 4-5
 minutes on disappearing.
 Then I tried the same thing with pidgin, and it resulted the same thing (I
 am using pidgin 3), the notification on my phone also disappeared like in
 4 minutes, so I am not pretty sure that this is pidgin fault.

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