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#16537: TextSecure libpurple support
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Comment (by mmcco):

 The protocol is known as Axolotl. There's a link to its specification

 It's superior to OTR in the sense that it's a self-contained protocol
 rather than a protocol-agnostic layer. This makes things like file and
 media transfer easier. OTR is generally considered pretty bulletproof in
 terms of pure security, though. I think the difference between the two
 might be less than you think because Text^^Secure offers lots of nice
 features that no common OTR-supporting client does.

 My main question is how much the Pidgin version would be able to interact
 with Text^^Secure proper. With the official client you need to register
 your phone number with SMS verification, right? Where would people be
 getting their accounts, and who could they chat with?

 I agree that it would be interesting, but I don't think anyone's working
 on it. If there's an appropriately licensed and stable C library for
 Axolotl, it might be easy. If you have any ideas, please share.

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