[Pidgin] #16606: Many online users in pidgin roster suddenly displayed as offline

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#16606: Many online users in pidgin roster suddenly displayed as offline
 Reporter:  catalinborcea  |      Owner:  EionRobb
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  Version:  2.10.11        |   Keywords:

 I have an Openfire server implementation with Pidgin 2.10.11 clients. The
 users are from an ActivDirectory (ldap) domain. I have defined some groups
 in Openfire that I want to be displayed in the Pidgin roster. After login
 everything is OK but after a while (several minutes) many of the users are
 suddenly displayed as offline even if they are online. If I do a “get
 info" for this users it says that the user is online but in the roster it
 is still displayed as offline. I have also installed a Spark messaging
 client and the problem does not appear for it. For comparing I've attached
 some pictures with the both clients. The first picture shows the situation
 after immediately after login in Pidgin. Both clients show the same number
 of online clients for every group. The "Toti" group means "All" and it
 contains all the online users (it must be the sum of oll the online users
 from the other groups). After a couple of minutes the situation goes like
 in picture 2. We can see that the number of online users has drastically
 decreased in Pidgin. I have also attached a debug log that catches the
 exact moment of users going offline (at 11:53:40). The Pidgin clients do
 not have any plugin installed.

 Please help!

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