[Pidgin] #16315: New API for private Raw and RTP data streams

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#16315: New API for private Raw and RTP data streams
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Comment (by dwmw2):

 Thank you for the coherent response. Although I think it's mostly a
 fiction that we actually manage to hide the GStreamer dependency behind
 our own APIs, it does make a lot of sense. Committed to 3.x and 2.x.

 The problem with the UI blocking is in the SIPE backend. As soon as there
 are incoming data available on the UDP socket from freerdp-shadow, we do a
 *blocking* write to the media stream. From the main thread. You should be
 waiting until it's writeable. The patch I've committed does provide that
 interface, but you don't use it in SIPE.

 Likewise for outgoing file transfer you use g_idla_add() to spew data up
 the media stream from your send_file_chunk() function, but that's *still*
 blocking I/O on the main thread and it still hurts. But again, that isn't
 a limitation of the patch I just committed, it's all yours in SIPE :)

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