[Pidgin] #16997: Not the possibilites to joining AIM Group Chat Rooms

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Mon Apr 18 14:08:43 EDT 2016

#16997: Not the possibilites to joining AIM Group Chat Rooms
 Reporter:  sfojackreed  |      Owner:  MarkDoliner
     Type:  defect       |     Status:  new
Milestone:               |  Component:  AIM
  Version:  2.10.12      |   Keywords:  AIM Chat
 Dear Pidgin Developer and Community,

 i have a problem with pidgin and mine AIM Accounts. Since 6 weeks i can
 not join any group chat rooms. I have multiple AIM Accounts and with no
 one is working. And i have try a lot, reinstall Pidgin, getting invation
 of friends (The window is open and i can click the button, but i dont join
 the room then) or invations by myself over the pigdin. Now youre my last

 This is from the Debug Log, meanwhile i want enter a chatroom. Maybe it
 helps you a little bit more than me to understand the problem:

 Pidgin Debug Log : 18.04.2016 20:04:01
 (20:03:24) oscar: Attempting to join chat room trekrpgraum2.
 (20:03:24) oscar: chatnav does not exist, opening chatnav
 (20:03:24) oscar: Connecting to FLAP server of type
 (20:03:24) dnsquery: Performing DNS lookup for
 (20:03:24) dnsquery: IP resolved for
 (20:03:24) proxy: Attempting connection to
 (20:03:24) proxy: Connecting to with no proxy
 (20:03:24) proxy: Connection in progress
 (20:03:30) util: Writing file blist.xml to directory
 (20:03:30) util: Writing file
 (20:03:45) proxy: Connecting to
 (20:03:45) proxy: Error connecting to (Verbindungsabbruch
 wegen Zeit├╝berschreitung.).
 (20:03:45) proxy: Connection attempt failed: Verbindungsabbruch wegen
 (20:03:45) oscar: unable to connect to FLAP server of type 0x000d
 (20:03:45) oscar: Scheduling destruction of FLAP connection 07C0BD50 of
 type 0x000d
 (20:03:45) oscar: Destroying FLAP connection 07C0BD50
 (20:03:45) oscar: Destroying oscar connection (07C0BD50) of type 0x000d.
 Disconnect reason is 6
 (20:03:45) oscar: Disconnected.  Code is 0x0000 and msg is SSL-Verbindung

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