[Pidgin] #16838: Corrupted log files with random data appended at the end

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Tue Jan 5 12:48:52 EST 2016

#16838: Corrupted log files with random data appended at the end
 Reporter:  dandv   |      Owner:  EionRobb
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 I was cleaning up my Pidgin .html log files and noticed that some were
 suspiciously large. When viewing them, the end of the log file was
 obviously truncated (no ending HTML tag) and was followed by pieces of
 other files, most often chunks from accounts.xml or blist.xml.

 That wouldn't be '''too''' worrisome - maybe Pidgin corrupted its own log
 files when crashing. However, several times I've found chunks from
 Chrome's config files (JSON), as well as binary data. Should Pidgin be
 able to access data outside of its process? I've only used it on Windows.

 The most common file size of corrupted files was 135,168 bytes but I've
 seen other sizes too. I've only seen the corruption on Jabber logs, and
 between these dates:

 2010-08-08 - 2012-11-01

 I'd be very interested in anyone else with logs dating back from 2010-2012
 can detect similar corruption. To find potentially corrupt files, either

 1. Search for Pidgin log files, sort by size descending, and look at the
 end of the files
 2. Search for Pidgin .html files that don't contain "</body>".

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