[Pidgin] #16849: Option to name conversation windows according to grouping, rather than active tab.

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Sun Jan 17 13:12:44 EST 2016

#16849: Option to name conversation windows according to grouping, rather than
active tab.
 Reporter:  GammaPaladin  |      Owner:  datallah
     Type:  enhancement   |     Status:  new
Milestone:                |  Component:  winpidgin (gtk)
  Version:  2.10.12       |   Keywords:
 I use the "New Conversations: By Group" option, but this would help for
 "By Account" as well. I also use the third party plugin "ExtPos", because
 generally I have eight conversation windows, each of which is linked to a
 specific group. This is actually done to sort my conversations by
 identity, since Pidgin doesn't really have an identity function like
 Trillian does. The way I like to have my windows laid out is tiled, four
 on my right monitor (Along with the buddy list) and four on my center
 monitor. This takes quite a bit of work to set up, so I was happy to find
 the ExtPos plugin which keeps track of last size and position and restores
 my previous layout when I close and restart pidgin.

 However, it stores window settings by window title, which would be fine,
 except that the title changes when the active tab changes, and tabs don't
 necessarily load in any predictable order, so even if I use an auto-
 joining group chat to provide an anchor title, it's not guaranteed to get
 the window title.

 And if I don't use that sort of trick, then every time a buddy in a group
 who hasn't messaged before IMs me and creates a new window (So if there
 were no active conversations with other members of that group at the time)
 the window is created in a default location, rather than where I had that
 group's conversation window before.

 So if I had the option to have the window title bar text for that window
 to be set to the contact group name it represented, that would allow me to
 position my grouped windows exactly where I want them and have the
 expected behavior of having those windows restore to the correct positions
 regardless of what contact or chat creates that window.

 Additionally, there are several contacts who are on the friends list of
 multiple identities at my end, which means that if they message me, I'm
 not always sure which of my identities they're wanting to talk to. I can
 check this by hovering the mouse curor over their buddy icon, but it would
 be much easier if the name of the buddy group that specific instance of
 that contact was in were the window title. The contact's name is already
 the tab title, so I don't really need it up on the window title bar.

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