[Pidgin] #6071: Pidgin VNC integration

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Fri Jun 17 06:16:02 EDT 2016

#6071: Pidgin VNC integration
 Reporter:  manishmahabir            |       Owner:
     Type:  plugin request           |      Status:  new
Milestone:  Voice and Video Support  |   Component:  pidgin (gtk)
  Version:  2.4.2                    |  Resolution:
 Keywords:                           |

Comment (by timofonic):

 Any mews about this? I think it should be part of libpurple core, so other
 clients would benefit from it.

 There's RDP, NX, SPICE (for virtual machines) and others.

 Integration would be very helpful for e-learning, sysadmins and personal
 administration of computers.

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