[Pidgin] #17045: Twitch IRC does not understand "Away"

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Fri Jun 17 11:47:01 EDT 2016

#17045: Twitch IRC does not understand "Away"
 Reporter:  kingu    |      Owner:  elb
     Type:  defect   |     Status:  new
Milestone:           |  Component:  IRC
  Version:  2.10.12  |   Keywords:  Twitch IRC Away
 "The IRC server received a message it did not understand."Away""

 string 883  ../libpurple/protocols/irc/msgs.c:670    pidgin.pot for 2.x.y

 [http://help.twitch.tv/customer/portal/articles/1302780-twitch-irc Connect
 to twitch IRC]

 Set up automatic "Away" status after inactivity:

 Tools>settings ↓
 "Change to this status when inactive: "Away"

 The error message will propagate after the set amount of time, for the
 amount of times Away-status is triggered, and I think also the amount of
 rooms connected to.

 It is inconvenient to click away these messages, and I haven't found a
 suitable workaround.

 Silencing errors on a per-message specific basis would perhaps fix this,
 or just not sending Away to the Twitch IRC servers.

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