[Pidgin] #17027: Pidgin gives "Unknown Host" error on certificate error on xmpp

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Mon Jun 27 07:57:09 EDT 2016

#17027: Pidgin gives "Unknown Host" error on certificate error on xmpp
 Reporter:  hjheins                                 |       Owner:  deryni
     Type:  enhancement                             |      Status:  new
Milestone:                                          |   Component:  XMPP
  Version:  2.10.12                                 |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  ssl tls certificate error unknown host  |

Comment (by hjheins):

 This is not the same log as when it said "unknown host".
 However the problem is the same in that sense that in the pidgin debug
 information, I see an unable to connect. However the problem is an expired
 ssl certificate.

 I agree that technically the problem is clearly with ejabberd. However,
 and this is the part I am not sure about: I would expect to get an error
 message about an expired certificate. (as you wrote in your comment).

 I am not sure what creates the unable to connect message in the pidgin
 debug; if it is pidgin, it would be nice to have a better message to at
 least show it is ssl related. But I guess if this is coming directly from
 ejabberd, I should go and file a bug there.

 thank you.

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