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#17052: 2.11.0 introduces randomly sized windows
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Comment (by 17b3b9c83c):

 Something like this happens to me: Windows 10 + pidgin 2.11.0
 Windows are not randomly placed and scaled, but they are badly scaled in a
 high DPI and scaled screen.

 My main screen is high resolution (2560x1440), with a second monitor
 Main screen is 150% scaled (''right click on desktop -> display settings
 -> "change size of text, apps, other items = 150%"''), second screen is
 not scaled.

 Chat conversation windows opened in the main screen, get bigger each time
 I open and close them, as if they stored the "apparent" window size when
 closing, but used that value as the "real" window size when opening. So if
 a windows has a real size of 200x100, scaled to apparent size of 300x150,
 I suspect it's stored with "300x150" as its size when closing, and then
 pidgin opens it with a real size of 300x150, which in turn will be
 upscaled to 450x225. Rinse and repeat, and the window gets bigger and

 Same chat conversation windows opened in the second monitor (native
 resolution, not scaled), just open and close flawlessly without any
 annoyance, remembering size and position.

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