[Pidgin] #16985: file transfer over XMMP is delayed in starting

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#16985: file transfer over XMMP is delayed in starting
 Reporter:  martini5468  |      Owner:  EionRobb
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 I have been seeing a problem with transferring files over XMMP. The
 current set up is:
 1. XMPP Server - prosody
 2. XMPP Clients - all pidgin (running a mix of Linux and Windows)
 3. All clients are behind firewalls so the XMPP server also provides
 proxy65 for file transfers

 Another thing to note is that most of the clients are on machines with
 multiple interfaces (mainly thanks to running things like VMware
 workstation which creates virtual interfaces for its own purposes).

 File transfers work however it takes 45sec on average before file
 transfers begin. Looking at the debug windows of pidgin I notice that when
 I offer a file to another client the stanza contains all my interface IP
 addresses. I have tried to get pidgin to use only my correct one but with
 no success. Also I have specified a file proxy to be used for transfers
 but that does not seem to take precedence - rather it is a appended to the
 stanza as a last option.

 On the receiving end the client attempts to connect to each of my IP
 addresses for 15 sec and when all those time out then it switches to file
 proxy and takes a couple of seconds to transfer the files.

 Is there any way to make pidgin always use file transfer proxy and not
 attempt a direct transfer?

 Attached is the output of the debug window during file transfer.

 Let me know if you require any additional information


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