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#361: Log Reader Additional Formats
 Reporter:  rlaager      |       Owner:  rlaager
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Comment (by nicecall777):

 hi. i need to export history (logs) from miranda ng to pidgin ASAP.

 miranda ng (https://www.miranda-ng.org/) is an open source project fully
 stored on github (https://github.com/miranda-ng). Everyone can download
 and check how miranda formats and stores its logs. I can send my .dat file
 log format as example. And it is possible to export logs to txt (html)
 files using Msg_Export.dll plugin

 also I found just one 9 years old manual in google how to convert logs
 from miranda to pidgin
 (https://github.com/ArtS/Miranda-to-Pidgin-log-convertor) using python
 script (migrate_icq.py) but i am 0 in codding so i failed to finish that.

 i agree to pay $50 donation to get easy to use plugin, exe or bat file etc
 in order to export history from miranda ng to pidgin without stress and

 i am just really curious how is that could be possible that it is already
 more than 10 years passed and still no one from pidgin community created
 simple and easy to use plugin to export history from one of the most
 popular messaging clients to another?

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