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#17327: Update needed for Sametime
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  Version:  2.13.0       |   Keywords:  Sametime version mismatch upgrade
                         |  client

 I've been using Pidgin for accessing the IBM Sametime service.  Recently
 it is connecting for a second (I see Pidgin populate the number of active
 buddies for a split second) and then drops. In the Pidgin console it says
 that the account is disabled and "Version mismatch".  I also get a chat
 window open up which states:

 '''Announcement from Server:''' Please Upgrade Your Client

 "Announcement from Server" appears in bold as if it were the buddy sending
 the chat.

 Is anyone keeping the Sametime client up to date?

 I have a working version of the IBM Sametime Client which connects just
 fine, it's running version 9.0.0.

 Screen shots of the error messages and the exact build of Sametime


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