[Pidgin] #17277: Hangouts not properly displaying Buddy status

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Mon Jan 8 22:21:25 EST 2018

#17277: Hangouts not properly displaying Buddy status
 Reporter:  zevrubenstein  |      Owner:  darkrain42
     Type:  defect         |     Status:  new
Milestone:                 |  Component:  Google Talk
  Version:  2.12.0         |   Keywords:  status hangouts
 Often, but not consistently, the Hangouts status for buddies is incorrect.
 It will show "invisible" or "offline" when they user is clearly online. I
 recently added a buddy and can't get him to show online at all, yet we are
 chatting and in the hangouts interface he's online. In the attached
 screenshot, one user is showing online in Pidgin, but offline in hangouts
 (black header in Google Mail hangouts chat window).

 I also noticed that the dropdown list in this bug tracker doesn't list
 hangouts. That's why I selected Google Talk.

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