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#7090: Stacked tabs
 Reporter:  aroach       |       Owner:
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  closed
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  Version:  2.5.1        |  Resolution:  cantfix
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Comment (by bhoefer):

 I use Pidgin for IRC, and am often joined to 12 or more channels.  Pidgin
 displays those channels as tabs in a single, horizontal row.

 With so many tabs, the channel names are abbreviated and some of them are
 hidden -- one has to scroll to the right to see them.  This makes it
 difficult to find & jump to a desired channel.  It would be convenient if
 Pidgin allowed the user to change the layout to multi-row tabs, like in
 this example:


 I see this ticket was closed ~9 years ago because GTK+ did not have the
 capability to draw multi-row tabs.  Is that still the situation, please?

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