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#17404: Please support libidn2
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Comment (by bigon):

 There I two reasons why I think/thought that switching to libidn2 is a
 good idea:

 1) On my debian system, I've more applications using libidn2 than libidn1
 (ATM it's 11 vs 6) consolidating everything to one library is good.

 2) libidn1 implements IDNA2003 and libidn2 IDNA2008 so having support for
 the most recent version of the protocol is also a good idea.

 But, looking at what pidgin is doing, I see that it's using stringprep
 functions which don't exist in libidn2.
 libidn2 states:
 The original libidn library includes functionality for the stringprep
 processing in stringprep.h. That functionality was an integral part of an
 IDNA2003 implementation, but it does not apply to IDNA2008. Furthermore,
 stringprep processing has been replaced by the PRECIS framework (RFC8264).

 For the reasons above, libidn2 does not implement stringprep or any other
 string processing protocols unrelated to IDNA2008. Applications requiring
 the stringprep processing should continue using the original libidn, and
 new applications should consider using the PRECIS framework.

 So it will probably not that easy to switch :/

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