[Pidgin] #17324: Emoji do not show up in version 2.13.0 on Windows

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Wed Sep 25 12:54:24 EDT 2019

#17324: Emoji do not show up in version 2.13.0 on Windows
 Reporter:  bogdanovix      |       Owner:  datallah
     Type:  defect          |      Status:  new
Milestone:                  |   Component:  winpidgin (gtk)
  Version:  2.13.0          |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  smiley unicode  |

Comment (by brzadzki):

 Also experiencing this issue. Pidgin 2.13.0 and Windows 10. Using a
 Hangouts account and Saltire Sable's Android Emoji theme
 (https://github.com/saltire/android-emoji-pidgin) which purports to
 support everything through Unicode 12.0.

 I did some testing by sending messages between Pidgin and the web client
 inside Gmail.

 ||= Result =||= From =||= To =||= Message sent =||= Message rec'd =||
 || Fail || Pidgin || Web  || string literal :grinning_face: || string
 literal :grinning_face: ||
 || Success || Web    || Pidgin || string literal :grinning_face: ||
 correct emoji ||
 || Success || Pidgin || Web || unicode 😀 || correct emoji ||
 || Fail    || Web    || Pidgin || unicode 😀 || missing character glyph ||

 So Pidgin isn't encoding the :emoji_name: strings into Unicode, nor is it
 decoding Unicode into emoji. It does correctly send Unicode that's pasted
 directly into the message composition field.

 My instinct is that it's parsing received messages on a bad assumption
 about the encoding but it will take me some time to find where that may be
 happening in the source. Hopefully this helps people already up to speed
 find the issue before me.

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