Vietnamese translation (plus the saga)

Clytie Siddall clytie at
Sun Dec 23 07:11:47 EST 2007

Hi everyone :)

Ticket #4466: our complete, current Vietnamese translation.

Plus, you get the saga for free. :D

Once upon a time... well, anyway, a few years back, when I took up  
translating free software, I actually started witi Gaim. I believed it  
was an app. which many users would want to run, so I found the PO file  
on Rosetta (Ubuntu translation interface), and plugged away at it for  
several days, finally completing it.

Only to find that it was an out-of-date PO file. Boy, was I grumpy!  
All that effort, and nothing to show from it but grumps.

Another translator wrote to me and asked to work on the Gaim file. I  
happily passed it on, and got on with my other projects, but I never  
heard that it had been completed.

The same story recurred several times, with people trying to find the  
time to complete the translation, and not finding it.

Finally, some months back Nguyên wrote to this list, offering to do  
the translation. I grabbed him before he could get away! Much to-ing  
and fro-ing about how to translate, what to translate, etc.

But in the end, the same not-enough-time demon got him, too. On top of  
that, he managed to drop his computer, with apparently infelicitous  
results if you happen to be a file on his hard drive. [1] He is  
currently managing with a LiveCD.

So, Pidgin now firmly back in my lap, I decided to finish the  
translation before anyone pops up and wants to talk about it,  
theoretically translate it or copy it on to a fatally-fated disk.

It's done. The butterflies are mating, someone (unspecified but  
undoubtedly having a good time) is smooching and goosing, and we have  
a full Vietnamese current translation.

Enjoy. ;)

from Clytie

Vietnamese Free Software Translation Team

[1] Many Vietnamese people can't afford another disk or portable  
storage to make backups. They usually have very old and wobbly  
equipment. It's more Russian Roulette than I.T.

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