Please update your NSIS files

Bjoern Voigt bjoern at
Thu May 24 15:16:49 EDT 2007

I attached a log file(shorted) for the Pidgin 2.0.1devel installer win32
build. In this log file you can find the missing macros in some languages.

If you find time, please update your NSIS files


Bjoern Voigt wrote:
> I found that my German NSIS translation file 
> (pidgin-mtn/pidgin/win32/nsis/translations/german.nsh) was not 
> up-to-date for Pidgin 2.0.0 release.
> 3 new macros
>         * GTK_WINDOWS_INCOMPATIBLE "Windows 95/98/Me are incompatible
>           with GTK+ 2.8.0 or newer.  GTK+ ${GTK_INSTALL_VERSION} will
>           not be installed.$\rIf you don't have GTK+ ${GTK_MIN_VERSION}
>           or newer already installed, installation will now abort."
>           the currently installed version of Pidgin. The new version
>           will be installed without removing the currently installed
>           version."
> were added recently (007-03-16).
> Only 4 translation files currently have these new strings included. So 
> please check your translation files.
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