Problem with the statistics

Gabor Kelemen kelemeng at
Mon Sep 24 06:51:16 EDT 2007

Arangel Angov írta:
> Hi,
> There's some sort of a problem with the statistics at
> For example: Macedonian is translated
> 100%, when i download the mk.po file and run msgfmt -cv mk.po I get:
> 3082 translated messages.
> The statistics say that the file has 180 fuzzy and 132 untranslated
> which isn't true.

You should download the pot file from the bottom of the page, then merge
your po with it, after that, you should get the statistics the page states.
It would be a lot easier without these manual steps, though. Dear
developers, would you mind putting up the updated po files on the stat
pages? I think most of the translators would appreciate it.

Gabor Kelemen

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