How I test my translation?

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As far as I can make out, the language code for Mongolian is "mn". So let's
call the file you've created "mn.po".

The first step is to convert that file into a loadable module, a ".mo".
On a unix system, or a Windows system with Cygwin installed, you could do:

msgfmt -cvo mn.po

This will produce a file named "". Assuming your Pidgin directory
is %pidgin%, then you can create the directory
"%pidgin%\locale\mn\LC_MESSAGES", and place the file "" in there.

Next, we have to force Pidgin to load that file. The most rough-and-ready
way to do this, is to set the environment variable "LC_ALL" to "mn". This
will basically tell any locale-configurable program on your computer to use
Mongolian if it can.

In Windows, you can do this by right-clicking on "My Computer", and
selecting "Properties". A window named "System Properties" will appear.
Select the tab titled "Advanced", and click on "Environment Variables". A
new window titled "Environment Variables" will open. It is split into two
parts: user variables on top, and system variables on the bottom. Please
click on the "New" button for the user variables. For "Variable name" give
"LC_ALL" (without the qoutes), and for "Variable value" type "mn" (again,
without the quotes). Now just click "OK" until all the windows we've opened
are closed.

In a unix system, just run "export LC_ALL=mn" or add to your auto-load
script (~/.bashrc or whatever) the line:

export LC_ALL=mn

That's it. Now run Pidgin and it should work.

P.S. If anyone on the list has a simpler way of doing this, let me know
please :-)

2008/5/12 Myagaa jav <dorjoo_800 at>:

> Hi, all
> I completely made Pidgin translation into Mongolian. Now I don't know
> exactly how to test my translation. Are there any tools for test. Please
> help me.
> thanks in your advice.
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