"Enter an XMPP server" and theme-related strings

Ambrose Li ambrose.li at gmail.com
Tue Aug 4 01:01:09 EDT 2009

Sorry to follow up on myself again.

I had a chat with Etan Reisner on IRC that cleared up some of my
misconceptions about the buddy list. So I guess I now understand what
the theme-related strings are:

1. "Expanded Text" and "Collapsed Text" mean the font and color of the
name of a group of contacts (in their expanded and collapsed states,
respectively) in the buddy list

2. "Contact Text" means the font and color of a contact name (the
single-line contact name on the right of the triangle when contacts
are expanded) in the buddy list

3. "On-line Text", "Away Text", "Off-line Text", and "Idle Text" all
refer to the fonts and colors of buddy names (or contacts in their
collapsed state, since a collapsed contact is equivalent to its
corresponding "priority buddy") in the buddy list

4. "Message Text" and "Message (Nick Said) Text" likewise refer to the
fonts and colors of relevant buddy and chat room names

5. "The text information for a buddy's status" should refer also to
the relevant font and color
(The corresponding label, "Status Text", is shared with SILC. This may
cause translation problems as the two usages are really not the same.)

I hope these are right and are useful to some of you. (Clearing up
what these mean did result in a somewhat clearer translation for
traditional Chinese, since translating "Text" in these strings
literally does not really make any sense.)

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