Friulian translation

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Sat Dec 5 14:00:25 EST 2009

MayBug wrote:
> Hi!
> First message to the list ;-)
> I would like to know if there is already someone mantaining/translating
> Pidgin to Friulian language.

Generally, the best way to tell this is to look at the Help->About box (which
will change to Help->Translator Information in Pidgin 2.7.0) and look for the
two-letter language code for this language.  If the language is not listed, then
we'll gladly accept a translation for that language.  If the language is already
listed, please contact the existing translator to arrange helping out or taking
over the existing translation.

All that said, I don't see an existing translation for this language.  Feel free
to submit the translation on a ticket at


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