Croatian Translation of Pidgin

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Wed Jan 7 23:01:34 EST 2009

Sabina Drempetić wrote:
> Is anybody already working on Croatian translation? I have already
> translated most of Mozilla's Songbird and started to translate some
> other opensource programs. I've got another question because I'm new to
> pidgin, is there an online translation site with strings like there is
> for Songbird or do I have to use the language files from the program
> files directory of pidgin?
> Greetings
> Sabina

To the best of my knowledge we do not currently have a translation or a
translator for Croatian.  We don't have any sort of web interface for
translations; instead you can download the pidgin.pot file from the bottom of
the page at and translate with your favorite
text editor or any translation-specific tool, and somewhere during this process
rename it to XX.po (substituting the language code for XX).  When you complete
the translation, you can open a ticket on and
indicate it's a translation, and we'll apply it.


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