Translate pidgin

Khoem Sokhem khoemsokhem at
Thu Jan 8 01:37:07 EST 2009

Dear John,

Thanks you very much for your useful respone.

Best Wish,

> > Now I am going to translate pidgin very soon but I am not sure where can
> > I start?
> > Could anyone point me the way to start translating this program?
> Pidgin uses gettext to handle translations; translating Pidgin requires
> that you edit a .po file.  Since we don't already have a Khmer translation,
> you'll need to work from the template, pidgin.pot.  You can download the
> pidgin.pot file from the bottom of the page at
> and translate with your favorite text
> editor or any translation-specific tool, and somewhere during this process
> rename it to XX.po (substituting the language code for XX).
> Reading may be useful,
> too.
> John

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