Latvian Language for Pidgin

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Fri Jan 30 20:41:15 EST 2009

Ryan Joiner wrote:
> John,
>     I know the help thing said that you were the bug master, but I
> didn't know who else to mail regarding this issue.  It would be really
> cool if there was a Latvian translation in Pidgin.  I noticed a bunch of
> other languages and it would be neat to add Latvian to the list.  I
> don't know if you guys care or not, but my friend Ilja Olijevskis, who
> is from Latvia, is a very good translator. Maybe that could be something
> Pidgin would like?  I don't know how you go about translating the
> program.  Just a though.
> Thanks for all your hard work and everybody else who helps develop
> Pidgin.  It is a great program.  Thanks!
> Ryan Joiner
> ryan at

We welcome translations for languages we don't currently carry, and would be
happy to provide what assistance we can to aspiring translators.  Some basic
instructions for translating can be found at

Generally, translators should join the translators at mailing list (it
can be joined at, to
which I am also sending this reply.  Other translators may be able to provide
additional information, such as listing tools that make editing the translation
file easier.


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