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F Wolff friedel at
Mon Jul 20 07:04:14 EDT 2009

Op Ma, 2009-07-20 om 14:48 +0700 skryf Khoem Sokhem:
> Hello,
> I have installed pidgin 2.5.8 both on Ms Windows and Linux and I noticed that:
> In Linux: It works well, and it appears in Khmer Language fully.
> In Windows: It appears in English only and I tried to change language in 
> Preference page but not found. 
> I do not know what the problem is?
> Could you please help me about this?
> Thanks,
> Sokhem

Hallo Sokhem

More information on how Pidgin chooses the language on Windows is
available here:

Last time when I looked into this, it was necessary (or easiest at
least) to translate the installer as well. Setting environment variables
is not easy for most users, I guess.

Keep well

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