Link to a website in the user's language

Jochen Kemnade jochenkemnade at
Mon Nov 9 13:29:18 EST 2009

Hi there,

Björn and I (the German pidgin translators) often get e-mails with
support requests for Pidgin, some of them even being Windows-related.
Most of those messages are sent by users who cannot or just don't feel
like looking through the English FAQ in the wiki or writing an English
mail to the users' list. As you might already guess, that is often
related to the language. ;-)
Mostly we cannot really help the sender, especially with Windows-related
problems. Instead we regularly point them to a German website with a lot
of information about Pidgin, Windows builds, a forum and so on.
I guess, many of you face the same situations more or less frequently. A
also assume that a page like that exists for various languages and so I
thought, maybe it'd be a good idea - with the permission from the ones
who run these pages of course - to either put links to those pages on
the website, the wiki or directly into the client, maybe as a
localizable string in the about window.
The latter would of course be a problem for languages for which a page
like that does not exist, but before talking about implementation
details, which we wouldn't have to worry about anyway, I'd like to hear
what you (fellow translators and devs who happen to read the
translators' list) think about the idea.


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