Pidgin 2.7.2 released!

Javier Fernandez-Sanguino jfs at
Mon Jul 26 09:38:58 EDT 2010

On 26 July 2010 15:17, Ethan Blanton <eblanton at> wrote:
> I think maybe you're confused about exactly what happened.  The
> translated .po file for Pidgin itself *was* included in the install.
> It is selectable from the installer, and Pidgin can be run in Spanish
> with no difficulties.  The *only* thing which is not translated is the
> installer itself.  Spanish is not disabled.  No registry hackage is
> required.

Maybe you are confused by my explanation. Let me try again:

The installer will not show "Spanish" (actually 'Español') in the
language selection screen when installing *if* the installation's
system translation is not updated (>50%). However, when the installer
if you cannot select "Spanish" as a language in the installation
system the installer also:

- does not automatically select the 'es' Localization component
- does not setup the registry file that enables the es Localization.

So, in effect, disabling a language in the installer selection screen
is pretty much as disabling the language for Windows users. Only users
that now their way around the installation itself are able to install
it in Spanish. For all the other users (which are the ones opening up
tickets in trac and sending me emails asking what to do) the perceived
result is that Pidgin is *not* translated into Spanish. BTW, I opened
this a bug (see #12371:

And yes, I have tried this myself in a Windows box with no previous
installation of Pidgin and with the latest offline installer.

As I said, the "languages" shown by the Win32 installer should be
shown based on wether the *program* itself is translated or not, not
whether the installation system is fully translated or not. And, in
any case, disabling languages already available in past releases
should not be done automatically without forewarning the translators.

We want Pidgin to be ease to use by end users, right? Making it
difficult for end-users to select their preferred language which
currently is only possible through the installation (again, see
#12371) is not going to make this happen.



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