Pidgin is string frozen for 2.7.3!

Mark Doliner mark at
Fri Jul 30 03:53:22 EDT 2010

The im.pidgin.pidgin branch in monotone is now string frozen pending
release of Pidgin 2.7.3.  We had planned to freeze last Thursday, but
didn't quite get around to it.  We did add or change a few strings
since then... my apologies to the few of you who were super diligent
and have already submitted updated translations.  Let's plan to
release on or shortly after August 10th.  That's 11 days away.

Translators, please work your magic and commit or submit updated
translations!  The stats and pidgin.pot file at are up to date.

And a reminder to all: during string freeze, we cannot add new or
change existing strings to im.pidgin.pidgin.  Changing other branches
is fine, and removal of existing strings is fine.


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