Portuguese translation

Paulo Ribeiro paulo at diffraction.pt
Sun Aug 19 14:30:32 EDT 2012

Hello again,

I managed to contact the old Portuguese translator and he confirmed that 
he's no longer maintaining the translation.

I asked him to contact you, asserting that he gives up the 
responsibility of maintaining the translation.

In the meanwhile, I already set up an account at Transifex and asked to 
be added to the Portuguese team.

Paulo Ribeiro

On 12.08.15 00:10, Ethan Blanton wrote:
> Paulo Ribeiro spake unto us the following wisdom:
>> Me and my wife are Portuguese and we realized that the European
>> Portuguese translation of Pidgin is very incomplete. Thus, we would
>> like to actively contribute to the project of translating this great
>> application!
> I see that it hasn't been materially updated in years.
>> I already tried to contact the current maintainer of the Portuguese
>> translation, but the email was bounced (it seems that the mailbox no
>> longer exists).
> That is unfortunate.
>> Perhaps the current translator (Duarte Henriques) still reads this
>> mailing list and would like to contact me. If not, I wouldn't mind
>> becoming responsible for the Portuguese translation.
> If so, I hope he weighs in; if that does not happen soon, I for one
> would be happy to see you installed as the new translator.
> Ethan

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