Pidgin translations update

Mark Doliner mark at
Mon Feb 3 00:18:53 EST 2014

Hi Pidgin translators! I just want to keep you updated on a few things.

We did two releases from the release-2.x.y branch earlier this week.
Sorry for not announcing them. In general we're trying not to make
many string changes to this branch so that you don't need to update
anything and we don't need to announce string freezes. However, we DID
add a new plugin that contained a few strings and we changed a few
other strings. Unfortunately we didn't add the new file to
until it was too late, and our script that updates and Transifex had broken.

We fixed those problems and now and
Transifex are both up to date. I also finally prepopulated all 2.x.y
translations in Transifex. I was very careful to pull down any
translations from Transifex first, so as not to overwrite any newer
changes. Sorry for not doing this sooner--we needed to revise our
workflow a bit.

Feel free to update
as you see fit. We don't have a release scheduled for that branch, but
we'll likely do a release if any security bugs are reported to us.

In the meantime we're working toward getting 3.0.0 to a releasable
state. You're welcome to work on translations for this to get a head
start. Be aware that strings will definitely change before the final
release. And of course we'll be sure to give you advance notice (maybe
a month) before the actual release.


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