New translations addition in stable branch

Mark Doliner mark at
Thu Feb 6 03:31:09 EST 2014

On Mon, May 13, 2013 at 4:10 PM, l.lumex 03 <l.lumex03.tornes at> wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> I have a question. Will add new finished translations to Pidgin for the
> stable branch?
> Thank you. Bye

Hi l.lumex03.tornes!

Sorry for not responding to this email when you sent it 9 months ago.
It's not quite clear to me what you're asking, but I'll provide some
information that will hopefully answer your question.

- The Pidgin project currently has a long development cycle. We're
working on large changes in the "default" branch of our code
repository. I'm hopeful that we will release Pidgin 3.0.0 from this
branch within the next 6 months. We'll send an email announcement to
this mailing list ahead of time.
- In the meantime we occasionally release new versions of Pidgin 2.x.y
from our "release-2.x.y" branch.
- I included your partial Asturian translation in Pidgin 2.10.8 (and
2.10.9). Congratulations! You are also listed in Pidgin's Help -->
Translator Information screen with the name "Llumex03" and your email
address (I hope that's ok). We prefer to use real names in this
dialog. If you're ok with that and you let me know your full real name
I can update the code for the next release.
- You're welcome to continue translating the release-2.x.y branch. I
don't know whether we'll make another release from this branch. If we
do, we'll pull in updates from Transifex first.
- You're welcome to continue translating the main development branch.
Note that these strings aren't final and will change before the
release... though since you're starting from scratch and have a lot of
strings to translate, it's a good idea to try to finish translating
most of the strings ahead of time. I also suggest uploading your 2.x.y
translation as a starting point for the development 3.x.y
translation--there should be a lot of overlap.

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