Joining Transifex teams

Richard Laager rlaager at
Mon Jan 28 02:09:49 EST 2019

On 1/27/19 9:06 PM, scootergrisen wrote:
> It does not seem i can join the danish Transifex team by requesting to
> join the team at

I see your request and it is pending.

> Can we change that so people can join teams by using the Transifex way
> of joining?

In Pidgin, we use the "maintainer" model for translations. That is, we
have one person in charge of each language. If you have reason to
believe the current translator is no longer maintaining the translation,
let us know.

Note that Pidgin translators are not required to use Transifex.

If the Pidgin translator for a given language uses Transifex, they will
be set as the "coordinator" for that language in Transifex, so they can
approve or deny requests to join the team.

I had forgotten to do that for Danish, so I've fixed that now.


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