[tdlib-purple] Please help translating our Telegram plugin :)

BenWiederhake.GitHub BenWiederhake.GitHub at gmx.de
Wed Sep 2 17:42:49 EDT 2020


tl;dr: Please help us translate our plugin!
https://www.transifex.com/tdlib-purple-developers/tdlib-purple/ :)

Long version:

tdlib-purple is a plugin for libpurple clients (mainly Pidgin, but also
many tdlib-purple users via Bitlbee) to support the Telegram Protocol.

tdlib-purple is (about to be) the successor of telegram-purple, which is
somewhat popular, especially on Debian and Ubuntu.

Also, yes, this means that it's getting less and less likely that
telegram-purple will ever see any updates or bugfixes. I'm sorry,
especially if you run into some feature that's still missing from
tdlib-purple. But that list is getting ever shorter – for example, in
the next days/weeks we'll get one step closer to catching up:
Translations ;)


We're especially looking for parity with telegram-purple, which supports
these languages:
- Bulgarian
- Czech
- Spanish
- Argentinian
- French
- Dutch
- Norwegian Nyorsk
- Polish
- Brazilian Portuguese
- Albanian
- Ukranian

So, is anyone interested in translating our plugin? Please click "join"
and I'll try to add you as soon as possible :)


With regards,
Ben Wiederhake

PS: If you want to see tdlib-purple in action:
git clone https://github.com/ars3niy/tdlib-purple.git
… and follow the build instructions in the readme.

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