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 || Advanced ReplaceX || [http://code.google.com/p/advanced-replacex-perl-pidgin/ Go] || Text replacement plugin, with regex and gui support for edit ||
 || Autohide || [http://pidgin.dotninesoft.de/ Go] || Buddy list improvements like autohide, always on top and hide min/max buttons||
 || autoresize || [http://raoulito.info/plugins/pidgin_autoresize/ Go] || Automatically update the buddy list to fit its contents (vertically). ||
+|| Better SessionSave || [http://code.google.com/p/better-sessionsave/downloads/list Go] || Better SessionSave in Perl will remember what conversation windows you had open the last time you used Pidgin, and re-open them for you when you sign on. ||
 || Character Counter || [http://dossy.org/archives/000545.html Go] || Plugin for displaying the character count of the current message. ||
 || Expand || [https://code.google.com/p/expand/ Go] || Automatically expand shortened URLs. No more rick-rolling! ||
 || Extended Buddy List Sort || [http://freakazoid.teamblind.de/2008/12/13/pidgin-extended-buddy-list-sort-plugin/ Go] || Adds more buddy list sorting options ||


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