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= GTK 3 =

This page pretends to be a more dynamic roadmap/TODO for GTK3 migration. It is based on the info from #8932

== Roadmap ==

 * ~~Replace GtkTooltips with GtkTooltip~~
  * In GTK3 branch, but headline bar not themed yet.
 * ~~Replace GtkOptionMenu with GtkComboBox~~
  * In GTK3 branch, but the Account Option Menu is not yet fixed (breaks API to change it, I think). This affects gtkutils.c, contact_priority.c, gtkaccount.c.
 * Replace GtkItemFactory with GtkUIManager - may or may not require adding GtkAction's
 * ~~Remove GtkSignalFunc~~
  * Fixed in i.p.p.
 * Replace GtkFileSelection with GtkFileChooser.
 * ~~Replace GTK_TOOLBAR_CHILD_TOGGLEBUTTON, GTK_TOOLBAR_CHILD_RADIOBUTTON, GTK_TOOLBAR_CHILD_WIDGET. Probably taken care of by using GtkUIManager (as I understand it).~~
  * Fixed in GTK3 branch. Still a bug remaining with toolbar style set to "Icons and Text". [[BR]]
 * ~~Several other functions I haven't looked up yet: gdk_gc_unref, gtk_box_pack_start_defaults, gtk_object_sink, gtk_ticker_get_type, gtk_timeout_remove, gtk_type_class, gtk_widget_ref, gtk_widget_unref, type_changed_cb.~~
  * Fixed in i.p.p.
 * Replace GtkItemFactory with GtkUIManager - may or may not require adding GtkAction's [[BR]]
  *Affects gtkblist.[ch] and gtkconv.[ch].
 * ~~Replace GtkSourceView 1.x with 2.x - does this require any change to gtksourceundomanager.[ch]?~~ [[BR]]
  * Don't see any errors here, so it seems to be OK.

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