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 If you need clarification on anything listed below, or want to run a new idea by us to see if we think it would make a good project, or if you have any other questions please feel free to ask on our [http://pidgin.im/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/devel devel mailing list].
 == Information About Projects By Year ==
-[wiki:SummerOfCode2010 Information about some Summer of Code 2010 projects] -- '''''Read this if you intend to apply for 2010! '''''
+[wiki:SummerOfCode2010 Information about some Summer of Code 2010 projects]
 [[BR]][wiki:SummerOfCode2009 Information about some Summer of Code 2009 projects]
 [[BR]][wiki:SummerOfCode2008 Information about some Summer of Code 2008 projects]
 [[BR]][wiki:SummerOfCode2007 Information about some Summer of Code 2007 projects]
@@ -136,3 +136,12 @@
 This is an often-requested feature to which the response is often "run Finch in screen". Ideally, it would be possible for a user to run Pidgin and Finch simultaneously on a computer, with both programs sharing the same data and connections. This would allow users to leave Pidgin open, yet still access their IMs over SSH with Finch.
 This requires an implementation of some sort of libpurple daemon, and a method for the clients to connect to that server, and access and display the buddy list, conversations, and chats.  Existing ongoing conversations' history should be visible in Pidgin or Finch when they connect to this daemon.
+== Javascript plugin loader ==
+Similar to the Perl and Mono plugin loaders but for Javascript
+== Pidgin Plugin Website ==
+A plugin website for browsing plugins in a nicer way than just the list view on [wiki:ThirdPartyPlugins].  Possibly integration with Pidgin via a built-in plugin browser.  See [http://adiumxtras.com/ adiumxtras.com] and [http://addons.instantbird.org/ addons.instantbird.org] for examples.
+== Android frontend ==
+There's already been work to port libpurple to Android, but there's no front-end to actually use it yet.


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