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 || !TooBars || [http://vayurik.ru/wordpress/toobars/ Go] || Add toolbar, status bar, context menu to Pidgin buddy list, hide main menu, change all status by menu (not through Statusbox!) and much more||
 || !TooButtons || [http://vayurik.ru/wordpress/toobuttons/ Go] || Add Send and Close buttons to Pidgin conversations||
 || Toolbar Shrink || [http://freakazoid.teamblind.de/2010/06/10/pidgin-toolbar-shrink/ Go] || Shrinks the toolbar of the conversation windows by hiding the text of the buttons.||
+|| Window Merge || [https://github.com/dm0-/window_merge Go] || Merges the Buddy List window with a conversation window ||
 || !WrapMenu || [http://vayurik.ru/wordpress/wrapmenu/ Go] || Wrap main menu if it is too wide||
 || Windows 7 Taskbar || [http://pidgin-win7.googlecode.com/ Go] || Adds new Windows 7 eye-candy such as task bar menu, progress and emblems ||
 || Xfer Auto Path || [http://freakazoid.teamblind.de/2008/12/24/xfer-auto-path/ Go] || Allows you to automatically set the folder for saving your incoming file transfers by some criteria such as buddy alias. ||


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