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   1. '''Fork it, then you can do whatever you want''' - That sounds great on the surface, but everyone who holds copyright on Pidgin and libpurple hold copyright over forks, as well, because the fork is a derivative work (from a copyright perspective, and yes, we realize this is an oversimplification, but it works for the purpose of this discussion).  So every copyright holder for Pidgin and libpurple would still have to agree to an exception to the portions of the GPL incompatible with the App Store, even for the forked project.
   1. '''What if you wrote a new interface from scratch and just used libpurple?''' - The interface itself could be licensed in an App Store compatible manner in this case, or GPL exceptions could be made.  Libpurple, however, would still be subject to the same trap of being impossible to grant exceptions on.
   1. ''(related to previous item)'' '''Rewrite it all from scratch''' - That would be a viable option, except none of us are insane enough to be willing to maintain two completely separate codebases.  In addition, to some extent we, as Pidgin and libpurple developers, are "tainted"--it could be argued that similar code constructs in a hypothetical from-scratch reimplementation are derivative works of Pidgin and libpurple because of our knowledge of the Pidgin and libpurple code.  Other clients already exist for the platform; users will just have to get along with what's already available there.
+== Refusal to Grant GPL Exceptions ==
+The following developers refuse to grant GPL exceptions for the purpose of App Store compatibility:
+  * John Bailey


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