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 The following developers refuse to grant GPL exceptions for the purpose of App Store compatibility:
   * John Bailey
+  * Gary Kramlich
+== What If Someone Else Submits Pidgin to the App Store? ==
+Anyone who holds copyright on Pidgin or libpurple would have the legal right to compel Apple to remove builds of Pidgin (or any application that uses libpurple) from the App Store, and it's 100% certain that at least one person who refuses to grant GPL exceptions would do so.
+== What About Other App Stores? ==
+Other application distribution mechanisms, such as Cydia, may be a viable option for those willing to jailbreak their iOS devices.  At the current time, no Pidgin developers have interest in making an iOS app that alternative mechanisms could distribute.  We won't stop anyone who tries to make this happen, as long as the GPL is not violated in the attempt.


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