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 Even if the project is focused on Android, it is also possible to [wiki:GSoC2012/Android/hostbuild build the Java library on your host].
+== List of things to do ==
+This is the (incompleate) list of things that are missing in the library and in the testclient and need to be implemented. You are welcome to help, if you want to.
+ Chat::
+  Currently, there is only support for IM sessions.
+ More protocols::
+  Only jabber is tested, other protocols may segfault, not connect, ...
+ Status::
+  Currently, you are just online.
+ Plugin support::
+  With the ability to install new protocols, functions and other neat stuff.
+ Account settings::
+  Add more settings than the basic account settings, including setting account icons.
+ Buddylist editing::
+  Make the buddylist editable, regroupable, ...
+ Media support::
+  Who would need that? Typing on a phone is so easy.
+ UI::
+  The UI is just for testing. Do a better one.
+ Fix bugs::
+  They are somewhere.
 == Contact ==
 This project is done by Michael Zangl. You can contract him per mail using michael (at) soc.pidgin.im.


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